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BCCS has become a leader and source of support to other schools in the state, throughout the region, across the nation, and even around the world. One of the key objectives highlighted in our 2007 and 2010 strategic plans is the goal of sharing our work with others. Charter schools were originally created to serve as labs of innovation, developing best practices and then sharing them widely to improve the work of all schools. Focusing on collaboration allows us to fulfill our charge as a charter school, and it feels to us like the right thing to do and the approach that is most consistent with who we are as a school. We also believe that it is how we can have the most significant impact, allowing our influence on student achievement to extend far beyond the walls of our school.

The Boston Compact
Partnerships and One Dorchester
Mentoring and School Visits
Effective Practice Incentive Community
Schools That Can
Achievement Network
Massachusetts Charter Public School Association

Partnerships and One Dorchester

We typically partner with others to share our work around the following topics:

  • College Readiness Programming
  • Teacher Development
  • Leadership Development
  • College-Preparatory Curriculum

Partnerships typically include the sharing of materials, visits to Boston Collegiate from the partner school and visits to the partner school from Boston Collegiate, and ongoing coaching and support from Boston Collegiate teachers and leaders.

We have established formal partnerships with schools in Boston and beyond and look forward to partnering with more and more schools. We recently received generous funding from the Lynch Foundation to support One Dorchester, a formal collaboration between BCCS, the Jeremiah E. Burke High School (a Boston Public School in turnaround status), and Cristo Rey Boston High School (a faith-based school) and are excited about the potential of that collaboration.

Furthermore, in 2012 BCCS was selected as one of only seven charter schools nationwide to receive an Exemplary Charter School Collaboration Grant from the United States Department of Education. This two year, $203,800 grant will support our ongoing work in partnership with the Jeremiah E. Burke High School. Moreover, it will enable us to step back now, after 15 years of serving students, and catalogue the little things we do as a school that we know work: our 100 1% solutions.

If you are interested in partnering with Boston Collegiate on any of the above topics or would like to propose a different area for collaboration, please contact Amanda Kay Loring, Executive Assistant.

Mentoring and School Visits

At BCCS, we mentor and support other school leaders from both new and established schools on an ongoing basis. Further, we frequently host other schools and school leaders for visits to our campus. We welcomed over 400 visitors during the 2011-12 school year, including the following:

  • Achievement Network (Boston, MA)
  • Blackstone Valley Prep Middle School (Providence, RI)
  • Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (Boston, MA)
  • Boston Plan for Excellence (Boston, MA)
  • Boston University (Boston, MA)
  • Building Excellent Schools (Boston, MA)
  • Cleveland School of Science and Medicine (Cleveland, OH)
  • Community Charter School of Cambridge (Cambridge, MA)
  • DC Prep (Washington, DC)
  • Democracy Prep (New York, NY)
  • Dever McCormack (Boston, MA)
  • Emerson College (Boston, MA)
  • Epiphany School (Boston, MA)
  • Fall River Public Schools (Fall River, MA)
  • Future Leaders (London, England)
  • Harvard Business School (Cambridge, MA)
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education (Cambridge, MA)
  • Inwood Academy (New York, NY)
  • Lighthouse Community Charter School (Oakland, CA)
  • Making Waves Academy (San Francisco, CA)
  • MATCH (Boston, MA)
  • Mother Caroline Academy (Boston, MA)
  • New Heights Academy Charter School (New York, NY)
  • Oakland Public Schools (Oakland, CA)
  • Salem Academy Charter School (Salem, MA)
  • Teach For America (Boston, MA)
  • Uncommon Schools (New York, NY)
  • UP Academy (Boston, MA)

The Boston Compact

BCCS is an active member of the The Boston Compact, a group of leaders from charter, district, and faith-based schools across the city actively working to develop stronger collaborations and partnerships to ensure success for all of our city’s students. BCCS signed on to the Compact in 2011 and currently co-chairs the group.

Effective Practice Incentive Community

In 2012, BCCS received the EPIC Silver-Gain Award for the fourth time in five years for our high gains in student achievement in 2011. BCCS was one of only fourteen charter schools from around the country selected as an award-winning school in the New Leaders for New Schools Effective Practice Incentive Community (EPIC). This honor allows us to identify best practices contributing to our high student achievement gains and to document those practices on the EPIC Knowledge System, a powerful web-based professional development resource documenting the real-life practices of urban schools driving significant achievement gains. Learn more about EPIC here.

Schools That Can

In 2011, Boston Collegiate was named a member of Schools That Can, a national non-profit network of high-performing schools working in low-income communities. Through participation in the Schools That Can network, we have the opportunity to collaborate with district, private, and charter schools throughout Boston and around the country. Learn more about Schools That Can here.

Achievement Network

In 2005, Boston Collegiate joined the Achievement Network as a founding member to support our goals of enhancing our use of data to drive instruction and sharing best practices with other public schools. The Achievement Network administers six interim assessments annually to students in grades five through eight and facilitates content-specific school leadership sessions over the course of the year. Learn more about the Achievement Network here.

Massachusetts Charter Public School Association

In the fall of 2006, BCCS was selected as one of five schools in Massachusetts to participate in a three-year, federally funded grant overseen by the Massachusetts Charter Public School Association. "Keeping the Promise: The Massachusetts Charter School Dissemination and Replication Project" involved BCCS in a large and far-reaching dissemination project, including:

  • A published book, Inside Urban Charter Schools: Promising Practices and Strategies in High-Performing Schools, by Harvard professor Katherine Merseth. This book describes key components of our program. Click here for more information;
  • A documentary film, "Beating the Odds: Inside Five Urban Charter Schools." This film brings to life the key practices of our school.
  • Study tours, institutes, and conferences around the country. With a focus on teacher development, we engaged current and future school leaders on topics of classroom observations and school-based teacher professional development.

To learn more or to visit our school, please contact Amanda Kay Loring, Executive Assistant.

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