BCCS teachers are smart, problem-solving, self-reflective, and passionate. They are mission-driven: they want to close the achievement gap by preparing each of our students for college success. They like being a part of a dynamic, hard-working team. They believe that they can truly make a difference and they are confident in what they are doing, but they are humble enough to know that they can always improve.

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BCCS is a supportive and inspiring professional growth environment.

At BCCS, we know that without great teachers, nothing else matters. We seek the very best teachers and challenge them to get better through coaching and collaboration. We know that transforming students' lives and changing the course of urban education is hard work, so we have systems and structures in place to make sure teachers are always supported as they do this work.

BCCS offers strong and effective leadership and a history of success.

Joining our team means working with leaders who have a vision for changing the face of urban education and a 15-year history of proven academic results. Our leaders have transparent expectations and work relentlessly to support teachers to meet them. All former teachers themselves each having spent an average of nine years at BCCS, they partner with teachers to offer ideas and solutions based on experience.

BCCS has consistent instructional and behavioral expectations.

Our mission of closing the achievement gap by preparing all of our students for college is shared by every staff member and drives everything that happens in our school. All members of our school community share a common set of high expectations for student achievement and behavior. What you expect in your classroom is exactly the same as what is expected in the classroom down the hall.
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