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Student Support

Special Education and English Language Learners

BCCS is committed to providing comprehensive and high quality services for students with disabilities and to meet all requirements of state and federal legislation.

BCCS provides special education services for students in accordance with state and federal special education laws, M.G.L. c.71B, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and the regulations associated with those laws. The BCCS Director of Student Support is responsible for maintaining Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) in accordance with state and federal law and work with teachers to make appropriate curriculum and instruction modifications.

The Director of Student Support, Nadia Cyprien, is responsible for overseeing the services for all students on IEPs and 504 Plans in grades five through twelve. She works closely with Principals and teachers to ensure that all students with disabilities are receiving appropriate instructional services, including modifications and accommodations within the general education classroom. Ms. Cyprien also ensures that BCCS is in compliance with state and federal legislation in regard to students with disabilities.

BCCS’s Student Support program utilizes liaisons who carry a caseload of students. Liaisons meet regularly with all general education teachers to review curriculum materials, support teachers in modifying their content and making accommodations to its delivery, review the progress of students on IEPs, and maintain communication with parents or guardians.

BCCS's Student Support program also includes two counselors, a speech language pathologist, an occupational therapist, and various other related services.

Please click here for the Parent 's Notice of Procedural Safeguards and here for a notice to families on the rights of students with disabilities to attend charter schools.

BCCS provides services for students with Limited English Proficiency in accordance with Massachusetts state law M.G.L. c.71A and the regulations associated with this law. The BCCS English Language Learner Program Coordinator is responsible for overseeing students with limited English proficiency and supporting teachers in both instruction and curriculum.

Homework Club

We believe that achievement can be dramatically increased simply by ensuring that students do their homework. Homework is assigned in every subject, every night, and is checked every morning at 8 AM. Lower and middle school students who have not completed their homework are required to stay after school until the second (4 PM) or third dismissal (5 PM) for Homework Club to complete the missed or poor quality assignment. Families of students who must stay after school for Homework Club are notified by phone that day before 2pm.

Afterschool Tutoring

All teachers dedicate their time after school to ensure that students receive the subject-based skill development that they need. Teachers provide individualized afterschool support tailored to the needs of each student and the particular lessons at hand. Teachers run small tutoring groups and one-on-one sessions to review for upcoming tests, to practice math, writing, and reading skills, and to complete difficult or lengthy projects. Further, academically successful high school students serve as peer tutors for lower and middle school students.

Saturday Learning Center

When summer school proved to be an ineffective solution for students struggling to be promoted, our teachers designed a Saturday Learning Center program that focuses on pre-empting the problem before it even happens. Each Saturday for four hours, students in danger of failing one or more academic subjects work closely with Boston Collegiate teachers on completing upcoming assignments and developing core academic skills.




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