Boston Collegiate Charter School's lottery for the 2017-2018 school year took place on Wednesday, March 8th at 215 Sydney Street, Dorchester, MA 02125.

The waitlists of this year’s lottery are listed below (updated August  7, 2017):

Notes About Lottery and Waiting List Policies and Procedures:

Boston Collegiate Charter School gives enrollment preference by law to siblings of currently attending Boston Collegiate Charter School students as well as residents of the City of Boston.

On the waiting list document, the “Original Lottery Number” listed is the number that was drawn during the lottery process.  The “Waiting List Number” shows the current waiting list position for the child taking into account sibling and resident preferences provided on the application.  A status of “Accepted” means that a seat will be offered for the 2017-2018 school year.  A status of “Waiting List” means that the student is on the waiting list for a seat that may become available in the future.

Upon being offered a seat for admission at Boston Collegiate Charter School, proof of sibling or resident status is required in order to keep the preferences applied and accept the offer for admission.  As Boston Collegiate Charter School obtains more information throughout the spring and summer about offers that are not accepted, the school will continue to make offers to students on the waiting list in the order shown for each grade level.  Note also that the relative position on the waiting list for a student may change at any time as more information is obtained by the school about applicants who may or may not have a sibling or Boston resident preference.  All names are listed on the waiting list document with the exception of those applicants who requested not to be listed.

If you have any questions about the lottery results or your position on the waiting list, please contact Yanina Boshes for grades 5-6 at 617-282-6710 ext. 1122, yboshes@bostoncollegiate.org, or Leslie Valentin for grades 7-10 at 617-265-1172 ext. 2121, lvalentin@bostoncollegiate.org.