General Information

We are excited to be working with Revolution Foods again for the 2019-2020 school year!

Lunch Prices:

  • Full Price:
    • Breakfast: $2.00
    • Lunch: $3.75
  • Reduced Price:
    • Breakfast: $.30
    • Lunch: $.40

To apply for Free/Reduced lunch, please use these instructions to complete this application form and then return the form to our main office.

To order lunch online for your child, use this website. If you have trouble, feel free to use the parent guide.

Click here to read more about our 2018 Health and Wellness Policy.

Here is our  Lower and Middle School dress code policy and here is our High School Dress Code Policy.


For student uniforms, please visit College Hype.

For student swag, please visit our online store!

Employment Permits for students ages 14 – 17 can be obtained in the Mayhew Welcome Office from Ms. Montesano once the student has secured the job. The employer will provide and sign an Employment Permit Application and give it to the student. The student then signs it along with a Parent/Guardian. Students ages 14 and 15 also require a Physician’s signature. Once all the signatures are obtained, the student may bring the completed application to Ms. Montesano to receive their Employment Permit. If the employer doesn’t have the Employment Permit Application on hand, you may also receive a blank one from the Main Office or you can print it yourself,  but keep in mind, this means the student will have to go back to the Employer with the blank application so they can sign it, then bring it back to the school completed.