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Introducing Our New Visual Identity

In April 2021, Boston Collegiate partnered with the team at Duality, a national firm specializing in branding. They conducted an extensive audit of our peer schools and interviewed key stakeholders – including administrators, teachers, students, families, Trustees, and community members.

The process was engaging and solidifying as we recommitted ourselves to Boston Collegiate’s core mission, vision, and values:


Our Mission
To prepare each student for college.

Our Vision
All Boston Collegiate students will graduate empowered to choose their own directions, with options aligned with their passions and interests and with the critical thinking capability to choose wisely. They will be equipped not only to go to college, but to thrive there. They will have the skills and the leadership mindsets necessary to make an impact in their communities and beyond.

Our Core Values
Scholarship, Belonging, Passion, Responsibility, and Integrity


In renewing our commitment to the powerful promise that we make to our students, our new brand identity reflects our dedication to college preparation for every student and our pledge to honor student choice and empowerment.

In the first 25 years of our school’s history, we’ve reimagined what a school can be. We now look forward to continuing our work together to ensure we are a school where students learn to be.  It is our greatest ambition that Boston Collegiate students see the opportunities for their future as limitless and we thank you for continuing to join us in this effort.