Lower School


215 Sydney Street | Dorchester | MA | 02125


Doors open at 7:00am
Recommended arrival time: 7:45am
Monday Academic Hours: 8:00-2:10pm
Tuesday-Friday Academic Hours: 8:00-3:10pm


Most of our students begin their experience at Boston Collegiate Charter School in the Lower School, grades five and six. For many students, BCCS is a very new kind of school. In addition to new structures and systems, there are extremely high academic and behavioral expectations with accompanying incentives and consequences, merits and demerits, uniforms, and lots of homework. Lower school teachers spend time orienting students to the new expectations of BCCS, helping them to stay organized and on top of their assignments, and showing them that learning and achieving can be fun!

The instructional program in the Lower School centers on a commitment to a rigorous college preparatory curriculum combined with additional time on learning and close, individualized instruction.


5th Grade: University of Massachusetts Boston
6th Grade: Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Monday: 1st Hour: 2:00-3:10pm; 2nd Hour: 3:10-4:10pm
Tuesday-Friday: 1st Hour: 3:10-4:10pm; 2nd Hour: 4:10-5:00pm

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Mr. Bautista

Boys to Men

Do you know what it takes to be a successful man in today’s society? It’s a lot more than just having a good job or being great at sports. This club dives into different aspects of growing up as boys today -- you’ll learn important skills such as time management and how to study, as well as what it takes to be a leader, have positive self-esteem, and make positive friendships. Through games and discussion, this club will show you just how to go from being boys to men.

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Ms. Downes

Glam Squad

Do you like to to watch home decorating shows? Does your bedroom reflect your personal style? Do you enjoy making things look better? If so, Glam Squad is for you! With Ms. Downes as your leader, you’ll meet 1-2 times a month and work on school beautification projects. It could be anything from hanging new bulletin boards, to decorating a classmate’s cubby, to preparing the multi-purpose room for major events such as the Halloween Dance and the Lower School Talent Show. This group is for kids who like to decorate and aren’t afraid to put in the work to make things look their best!

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Ms. Valentin

Green Team

Do you care about the environment? Are you into recycling? Do you like to help out with chores at home or at school? If so, the Green Team is a great way to get involved in saving our planet! Each day you will help Ms. Valentin with our school-wide recycling program. If you are a responsible kid who is not afraid to do a little physical labor, this is the group for you!

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Ms. D'Alli | Ms. Duggan

Gymnastics Club

Have you always wanted to learn how to walk on your hands or do a split? Do you want to increase your strength and flexibility? In Gymnastics Club, we'll start each class with strength and conditioning (stretching/working out) to practice mindfulness and warm-up. Once our minds and bodies are ready, we'll learn exciting new skills! You’ll meet with Mrs. D’Alli once a week after school to practice beginning level skills (no flips or higher-level skills). This group is for kids who are patient and disciplined. If you have a positive attitude and work hard, you’ll be impressing friends and family in just a few short weeks!

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Ms. Byrne

Mighty Girls

Does it bother you when girls are often considered less strong or less brave than boys? Are you sick of the stereotypes that exist for females today? Well, you should be! Mighty Girls is an awesome club that celebrates girl power to the fullest. You’ll read and learn about strong, powerful females in the world and around you, and get to meet a variety of guest speakers from BCCS and our community. You also get to just have fun playing games and taking part in various activities. This club is great for kids interested in recognizing girls and women as equals to boys in all aspects of life -- school, sports, and beyond!

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Ms. Adam


Are you a 6th grader really into math? Do you like to be challenged academically? If so, Mathletes might be the place for you! Every Friday a group of professional accountants come to Boston Collegiate to work on really rigorous, tough math problems with you. In addition to getting a brain workout, you also get to meet people who have made it a career to work with numbers, which might be something you are considering for your future. In the spring you get to visit them at their office in downtown Boston, and they’ve been known to bring some pretty great snacks when they come to visit. Talk to Ms. Adam if you are serious about growing your math muscles!

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Ms. Boshes | Ms. McHugh | Ms. Valentin

Multi-Cultural Club

Are you interested in learning about other cultures and in sharing your culture with others? Are you proud of your heritage and want others to know why? If so, you should consider joining the Multicultural Club! This group will meet 1-2 times a month to help organize our monthly cultural celebrations. This means you’ll get to be involved in brainstorming and planning important events such as assemblies and guest performers. You’ll also take part in hanging up our Heritage Month decorations alongside the Glam Squad. If you are an open-minded kid interested in celebrating our school’s diversity, then the Multicultural Club is for you!

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Ms. Kimball | Ms. Rodriguez

Sole Train

Do you like to run? Have you always wanted to run a road race, like a 5K, or maybe even some day in the Boston Marathon? Well if so, then consider joining Sole Train! Sole Train is a running club that happens twice a week on Mondays and Fridays from 2 - 3:10 pm, and the goal of this club is to help you understand that you can achieve goals you set for yourself. This is a group all about teamwork and encouraging each other towards success. In addition, you will get in better shape and run a road race that is 5 kilometers long on Saturday, October 21st at 9:30 am at Jamaica Pond and a 5 mile race on Sunday, May 27th at 7 am in the Seaport District (over the Memorial Day weekend!) Even if you have never run more than a few steps, Sole Train is open to all body and ability types, so long as you have the desire to challenge yourself mentally and physically. You will earn free T-shirts and sweatshirts as part of this club.

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