Middle School


11 Mayhew Street | Dorchester | MA | 02125


Doors open at 7:00am
Monday Bells: 8:00-2:05pm
Tuesday – Friday Bells: 8:00-3:05pm


The focus of the middle school years is preparation for the demands of high school including fostering academic independence and increasing opportunities for student leadership. Consistent with the expectations of the Lower School, the instructional program in the Middle School centers on a commitment to a rigorous college preparatory curriculum combined with additional time on learning and close and individualized instruction.


7th Grade: Babson College
8th Grade: Tufts University

(Tutoring & BCCS+)

Block 1: September 19-November 2
Block 2: November 28-January 24
Block 3: February 6-March 15
Block 4: March 27-May 10
Block 5: May 29-June 14


Monday: 1st Hour: 2:05-3:00pm; 2nd Hour: 3:05-4:00pm
TuesdayFriday: 1st Hour: 3:05-4:00pm; 2nd Hour: 4:00-5:00pm


Ms. Milnamow | Thursdays

Art Club

Do you enjoy drawing, painting, working with clay and more? Do you live for trying the latest Pinterest arts and crafts posts? Are you looking for a fun, welcoming and safe space to express your interests and opinions? Join Art Club! Artists will have the opportunities to work on independent art and craft pieces, as well as learn new techniques, such as printmaking, clay and sculpture. You will have the opportunity to create art displays in the school, share your work, and improve your artistic skills. We welcome new and experienced artists who are looking to get their creativity on without judgement.

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Mr. Shea | Tuesdays

Frisbee Club

Do you love playing frisbee? Do you have no idea how to throw a frisbee but you really want to learn? Do you have a lot of energy in the afternoon and you want to run around and have some fun? If you answered yes to any of these questions then come and join Frisbee Club! In Frisbee Club we will learn and practice different ways to throw a frisbee as well as play some frisbee games, doing many of the activities that college and professional frisbee teams do! It doesn't matter if you're a frisbee pro or you've never thrown one before, sign up for Frisbee Club today!

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Ms. GDR | Wednesdays

Literary Club

Do you have a passion for books, organization, and reading? Join Library Club! In this club, you will get to be an official library assistant. We are going to organize our library, create some hype for new books, and talk about books we like. If organization is not your jam, but you love to read, this club will also be a quiet space to read after school. Can't wait to see you in the library!

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OrigiNation Dance Company will teach a Hip Hop and Choreography class after school on Wednesdays. OrigiNation's mission is to develop self-esteem, civic engagement, and cultural empowerment through dance. Students will work toward these goals as they learn hip hop dance techniques, participate in dances choreographed by the instructor, and choreograph dances of their own.

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Mr. Coleman | Thursdays

Spikeball Club

Do you enjoy competing with your friends? Want to get some fresh air and unwind before you head home for the night? Want to gain some bragging rights against Mr. Coleman? Then Spikeball is for you! Join Mr. Coleman on the turf on Thursdays to learn the rules of the game, and compete with and against each other! Bring your competitive spirit, energy, enthusiasm and some comfortable clothes.

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Ms. Ledan | Thursdays

Spoken Word Poetry

In Spoken Word Club, students will watch videos of various spoken word performances, write poetry or raps and work on their performance skills. We'll also discuss and write about topics based on student choice. Please join if you’re interested in writing, performing or empowering your voice overall.

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