High School


11 Mayhew Street | Dorchester | MA | 02125


Doors open at 7:00am
Monday Bells: 8:00-2:00pm
Tuesday – Friday Bells: 8:00-3:00pm


By high school, Boston Collegiate students have mastered a core set of academic skills and are ready for the challenging and exciting four-year journey towards college. BCCS’s High School program focuses on weaning students off of our many academic supports and helping them transform into independent learners, supporting exploration of students’ own interests, creating countless opportunities for student leadership, exposing students to a range of experiences outside of BCCS, and fostering strong student-teacher and student-student relationships.

Building off of the expectations of the Lower and Middle Schools, the instructional program in the High School centers on a commitment to a rigorous college preparatory curriculum combined with additional time on learning and close and individualized instruction.

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